Flight dynamics
The flight simulation software features real-time multi-body flight physics including thrusters, aerodynamics and ground contact models.
In addition, PAPASPACE features an interface to other simulation tools such as MATLAB / SIMULINK.

If you want to learn more, have a look at the physics API documentation.


Visual System
The high fidelity visual system is targeted to provide the best virtual flying experience on the market.
PAPASPACE uses the latest rendering technology in OpenGL like deferred rendering, physically based rendering (PBR), volumetric rendering of atmospheric effects with global illumination and much more!

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Special rendering
Advanced flight training covers more than stick and rudder skills.
PAPASPACE provides enhanced training methods for low visibility operation, weather radar systems, heads-up displays and traffic collision avoidance.
GLSL shaders provide additional special rendering techniques for simulated infrared vision or synthetic vision systems.

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