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PapaSpace Flight Simulation Software

PapaSpace is a research platform for modern flight simulation written in Java and OpenGL/GLSL. It features real-time, multi-body physics, avionics and flight instruments as well as a visual system. These modules can be used as stand-alone products, or for the purpose of development of new methods and products. The main advantage over other available products is the full flexibility to control and modify the simulation parameters via programmable interfaces.

Visual System

The high fidelity visual system is targeted to provide the best virtual flying experience on the market. We use the latest rendering technology in OpenGL like deferred rendering, physically based rendering (PBR), volumetric rendering of atmospheric effects, accurate global and local illumination effects, dynamic 3D objects and static sceneries, and much more.

Flight Dynamics

The flight simulation software features real-time, multi-body physics including propulsion systems, aerodynamics and ground contact models. Additional interfaces to other simulation tools such as MATLAB / SIMULINK can be provided on request.

Training Scenarios

Advanced flight training covers more than stick and rudder skills. PapaSpace provides enhanced training methods for low visibility operation, weather radar systems, heads-up displays and traffic collision avoidance.
GLSL shaders provide additional special rendering techniques for simulated infrared vision or synthetic vision systems.

Open Source Projects

Some open source projects of PapaSpace are available on GitHub. Those which are related to aviation, are listed in the following section.

microPFD (alpha test)

The microPFD software is a tiny but functional Primary Flight Display (PFD) for iOS, which was developed to demonstrate the capabilities of consumer hardware in aviation. As open-source software it is available for free, however requires Pythonista 3 to be installed. While microPFD may also become a life saver in scenarios where aircraft avionics equipment fails, it is not intended to be used as a primary navigation equipment for aviation. You are invited to download and try microPFD, read the source code and collaborate on the GitHub repository.

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